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Ebonite Rod Limited Edition Lava

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Marbled: 00/01/08/17

Each rod is unique. Our limited editions are unique designs that we only issue to a limited extent.
The color combination can be reproduced, whereby the course of the marbling and the color distribution will always be individual due to the manufacturing process.

The limited editions are produced up to 36 mm with a smooth surface and 1 m in length.
Depending on the color combination, we offer the diameters 38 mm – 54 mm in 30 cm – 50 cm lengths and raw.
The prices for these special sizes are available on request.

We offer the Limited Editions are offered in 10 cm steps. 2 euros are charged per cut.
All prices refer to a length of 1 m.
We are happy to develop individual color combinations on request. The delivery time for special productions is 3-4 weeks.