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Ebonite rod no. 01 Cumberland

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The different colour codes are explained based on no. 01 Cumberland.
On this picture you see from right to left:

01/8fach – mottled 20%
01-marmoriert – marbled 20%
U01 einfarbig -unicolored
Ø 36, 01-marmoriert-mottled 20 %

The standard colors have 20% colored ebonite.

All colors shown in the folowing pictures no. 01 – no. 23 are available and can be produced in those three diffrent variations.

Uni (solid): U01
Marbled: 01
Mottled: 01/8

Smooth rods are avaible up to a diameter of 36 mm.
From a diameter of 38 mm, the rods are offered raw.

Standard colors are offered in 10 cm steps. We charge 2 euros per cut.
The standard colors are produced in a length of 1 m. All prices refer to a length of 1 m.
Special lengths up to 2 m are available on request.