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Mrs Meike Huijssen +49 (0) 58 62 / 94 11 103

Meike Huijssen

General Manager

Adriaan Huijssen

Authorised officer

Kai Koopmann

Assistant Director


The Schönberger Ebonite Manufaktur was established in 2006 by business economist Ms. Meike Huijssen in cooperation with experts in the fields of hardrubber-dust, semi-finished and finished products.

The former sand-lime brick factory on the 28.000 m² plot of land, next to the river Elbe, contains 10 autoclaves (with a production volume of one ton each per shift) and has almost infinite production capacities.

The company is owner-managed and 100% equity financed. Sole owner is Mrs. Meike Huijssen.

Her son Adriaan Huijssen has been involved in the business for seven years.