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Mrs Meike Huijssen +49 (0) 58 62 / 94 11 103

eboFORM / Facts

  • 14 years of developement
  • > 47 uni color combinations
  • 23 marbled and 8 swirled/mottled designs
  • 53 limited editions
  • worldwide unique

eboFORM Material and profile:

We offer ebonite rods from diameter 4mm – 96mm in classic black and 1920 black.

In addition we are the only manufacturer worldwide offering currently 47 uni-, 23 marbled and 8 swirled/mottled variations. Furthermore up until now we developed 53 limited editions for our clients. We offer our marbled and mottled variations smoothed in diameters 14mm – 36mm. Diameters 48mm – 62mm are offered with a raw surface. The maximum diameter for our mottled standart colours is 44mm.

Limited editions are offered from diameter 16mm – 36mm with a smooth surface. Depending on the colour combination we can offer diameter from 38mm – 54mm in length between 30cm and 50cm.

Individual colour combinations can be developed upon customer request.

Square rods/ -profiles are available in all colour variations mentioned above.

The dimensions for square rod / -profile can be found under Downloads.

Ebonite-sheets are custom made products. Possible dimensions and prices are available on request.

eboFORM Description

Our company offers a worldwide unique variation of unicoloured, marbled and 8 swirled/mottled ebonite rods, profiles and sheet material.

Companies and artists from all over the world use our ebonite for countless applications in various industries, artisanry, as well as in the high end design segment.

In co-operation with our longterm partners we also produce shaped articles like plectrums, doorhandles as well as customised products which are made on customer request

eboFORM Applications

Our ebonite rods offer a multitude of possible applications. Whether for mouthpieces, writing instruments, handle material, decorative or artistic – your creative options are unlimited.

Ebonite can be machined and even complicated designs can be realised due to its superior processing qualities compared to other materials.