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eboDUST / Attributes

Density: 1,19 +/- 0,02 g/cm

Ash portion: max. 0,6 %

Acetone extract: max. 4,5 %

Sulfur portion: 30 %

eboDUST Characteristics and specification:

Due to the various traits of our ebonite (saltwater-, acid-, soapresistance, non-conductive, high glidability, non-abrasive) it is used as an additive in compounds for the lining of tanks, silos, pipelines, coating of waltzes and cylinders. Within a compound the dust does not hinder a rest flexibility, that is why it is also used as a base material for grinding devices in the high grade abradent industry.

Our eboDust is among others also used within the fields of electrics, electrotechnology, marine- and medical technology, engineering and the optical industry.

If you have questions concerning our material, we will be glad to assist you with additional informations in regard to processing and possibilities of our eboDust.

Our standart particle sizes

  • HRD   90 mµ
  • HRD 100 mµ
  • HRD 120 mµ
  • HRD 140 mµ
  • HRD 160 mµ

Other sizes can be produced on request.

eboDUST Information

The solely ingredients for our hardrubber dust are

  • Caoutchouc (Crepe No. 1)
  • Linseed oil
  • Sulfur

The compound is vulcanised in autoclaves, where it gets hard and black. Afterwards the sheets are shredded to a granulate. The granulate is then micro-milled to a very fine dust. It is then finally filtered to the desired particle size.

Only a special friction-grinding process ensures an edged grain structure with a high specific surface area. This results in the optimal mechanical and chemical interlinking within a compound. This does not only ensure a stable product but also the inimitable surface of our ebonite.

eboDUST Applications:

eboDUST is the ideal filling material for rubbercompounds for the production of:

As an additive within rubber compounds for shaped articles with high acoustic, haptic, optic, electric, mechanic, chemical and medical requirements.

  • Constructions parts for electrical insulation
  • Multipack products
  • for corrosion prevention
  • for chemical resistant coating
  • for lining
  • for facing

for tanks, pipelines, mountings.

Due to the smoothness of the finished product our eboDUST is also used as a filling agent within compounds for the coating of rollers in the print and paper industry.

As an additive in compounds for grinding discs and coated abrasives. It is used because of its durability and abrasion resistance. Using our eboDust for rubber compounds will prolong the life span of the finished product compared to the alternatives.